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04/27/14 08:43 AM #12    

Melba DeShields (Holmes)

Good morning all. I thank the Lord for allowing me (us) to awaken to this fine new day. We are blessed. I read Dana 's message. I can kinda relate, but not so much of letting go of the past because there were some life lessons that I now can bring forward and understand and learn from them. This is MY YEAR! I will be 60 in June, celebrate this marriage of 20 yrs in Sept and also celebrating life that I survived a brain aneurysm 25 yrs ago this October. I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Praise God! I feel renewed... 60 is the new 40 and I will embrace it!

05/01/14 09:36 AM #13    

Ron Eisenberg

1972 sounds like a long time ago but not so in my mind and heart.  I echo the comments that we are the fortunate ones to be present in 2014 to celebrate our 60th birthday.  Too many have passed, some who were very important to me and they are missed but the party must go on.  Old friends really are special friends. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate those friendships and I urge all who have yet to purchase a ticket to attend.  When I look at the attendees list I can't help but smile and look forward to seeing everyone soon.



05/11/14 11:09 AM #14    

Amy Robinson

A big smile from your beautiful words.

05/11/14 11:10 AM #15    

Amy Robinson

The numerical date is incorrect on the site. Please check it out.

05/29/14 08:23 PM #16    

Ed Levy

Orioles are playing Oakland at Camden Yards the Sunday afternoon after the celebration. Anyone interested in going?


05/30/14 03:00 PM #17    

Julie Cooper (Eliaz)

Planning on it.

05/31/14 05:03 PM #18    

Marcie Levin (Thurlow)

I have beautiful memories of so many people.Send you all much love

06/08/14 08:54 AM #19    

Barbara Fox (Williamson)

Thank you ALL for a wonderful event!!!!!! It was a fantastic evening! Thank you again especially Ron and Howard

06/08/14 11:17 AM #20    

Riselle Block (Abrams)

Thank you to the organizers of 54 Where RU! Howard Bernstein,Nancy Shaivitz Kraus,Barbara Taylor Tapper,Bunky Eisenberg,Pam Manno Biller, Marcia Goodman, Bonnie Miller Ruddie-caplan and all of the others who worked to make such a fun evening at the Hippo! Great food, decorations, photo booth, dancing, and lots of '?72 graduates!laugh

06/08/14 12:03 PM #21    

Wendy Berkow

Kudos and many thanks to Terri, Pam, Bonnie and the rest of this hard - working committee for an outstanding, party,last night.  A good time was had by all, I'm sure!

I have camera pictures to share, which I've downloaded to the computer.  Stay tuned, and I will get them up in the next day or two. ( need to learn how to do this. Searching out a local teenager for directions! Ha!)

                                                           Wendy B.

06/08/14 12:55 PM #22    

Barbara Glaser (Fradkin)

Thank you to all who organized this great party. It was so good to see everyone. We all need to try and keep in touch. For those who would like yo follow up with me, me email is brfradkin@  Didn't realize how much I miss being away friends Baltimore. Will have it have Steve do something about this.  Hugs and kisses yo you all. Thanks again for the memories.


Barbara Glaser Fradkin

06/08/14 01:49 PM #23    

Michael DeFontes

Many many thanks to the committee members who organized this event. I can't think of when in recent memory that I've had a better time. Having served on reunion committee's in the past, I know how hard it can be. The attention to detail was apparent. The event was above and beyond what I thought it would be. It was so much fun! I was truly sad to leave.......thanks to all who attended. Great to see all of those faces from the past!!! Stay well my friends! Michael DeFontes

06/08/14 07:10 PM #24    


Terry Ries (DellaVecchia)

I had an absolutely fantastic time last night. It was amazing to get together with everyone from the different schools, some I hadn't seen since Camp Louise or Sudbrook Junior High...  We may be 60 but we sure know how to throw a party and have a good time!

06/08/14 09:11 PM #25    

Barbara Taylor (Tapper)

So glad to have been a part of the committee. It was a great night and it exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Pam, for getting me involved and to Howard for your creative. Thinking.

06/08/14 10:20 PM #26    


Howard S. Bernstein

Late January Red Brick Station in White Marsh and it was bitter cold. that was the night that we could tell that this was going to be a special celebration. Ed called Larry B in Arizona and 5 of us took turns talking to him. For most of us it had been over 40 years since we spoke to him. We laughed a lot that night and when we get together that seems to be the number one priority. To my friends of 50 and 60 years to my friends of 5 months, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

06/09/14 09:59 AM #27    

Stuart Denrich

Great party!!  Conrats and a wonderfull job done to all the organizers.  When's the next one?


06/09/14 07:24 PM #28    

Terry Weiner (Pribble)

Well it's been 2 days since the party and I think I am having withdrawal symptoms from having spent so much time with this wonderful group of people.  I begrudgingly went to a dinner at Mt. Washington Tavern to meet this guy named Howard Bernstein to see what he was trying to do.  When I left, I said to Pam Biller, "I think they are going to need some help getting the word out."  

Fast forward 5 months and needless to say, I had the time of my life.  Listening to people talk, hugging and kissing those I haven't seen in eons, and just watching Howard's face throughout the evening was the icing on the cake for me.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this was going to be as great as it was.

So thanks to our committee - Howard, Ron, Bunky, Pam, Debbie, Barbara, Terry D., Bonnie, Marcia, Nancy and Ed - for making this an experience that I will always cherish.  You were the best!  And to all our classmates, from our year and others, for coming to this celebration.  Without you, it would have been just another party.

So when do we start planning our 70th????

06/09/14 08:14 PM #29    

Robert Ginsberg

The party was awesome.  It was so great to see so many old (!) friends and to meet some new ones as well. The committee did a spectacular job and Margie and I are so glad that we were able to be there.  Thanks to Howard for pushing this thing and to all the committee members for your great work.  Now, I just want to know exactly who knew the Club Hippo would be such a great place to hold the party..........?

06/10/14 02:14 PM #30    

Melinda Stein (Hiken)

I just want to echo all of the sentiments already posted. Saturday night was fabulous and beyond my expectations. Thanks to the committe members for putting this together and a special thanks to Howard for thinking of this in the first place. I too want to know what are we going to do for our 70th?

06/10/14 10:09 PM #31    

Debbie Dinkin (Shavitz)

Never thought that I would truly miss the emails, all the jokes, sarcastic remarks and planning, as much as I do. It feels like when you plan a wedding or Bar Mitzvah for so long, then the event occurs,  you have an incredible time,  and you wake up the next day and POOF- over way too fast.  I am so delighted to have been part of this incredible team.  And to my brother Howard- your dream becoming a reality, was a true work of art.


06/12/14 06:02 AM #32    


Terry Ries (DellaVecchia)

70 is too far away, how about a 45 year reunion... it could be all schools, not just Pikesville!  That's only 3 years away.  I had such a fantastic time working with the committee; meeting for dinners, brunches, planning, telethons, and I agree withdrawal is setting in!  

06/12/14 02:01 PM #33    


Vanessa Walker-Wagner (Wagner)

To the organizers, I had the best time, everything as great..,the food, music, and the people.  I mention to Debbie that I'm looking forward to our 70th celebrationkiss  Great job


06/16/14 09:05 AM #34    

Karen Wolod (Goldstein)

Hey, everyone! You should know that the t-shirts are soft and comfortable- a great buy for $10! They also wash well, and are very long. I DEFINITELY recommend that you buy one, or even more!

06/16/14 03:17 PM #35    

Gail Solomon (Rosenfeld)

Just wanted to thank all of you in the committee who organized this great event.  I was so glad that I decided to fly up for this reunion.  99% of the people I have not seen for over 30 years.  It was nice seeing everyone and I agree try organizing a reunion in 5 years while we are still young enough to enjoy.  Thanks again for all your hard work and your time that you spent on this great event.


07/02/14 05:17 PM #36    

Michael DeFontes

With about 14 of our classmates (from all schools) on the high seas just off Cuba! Having a fab time!!!!

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