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Luo Chaoxi Gives Instructions in Peach Diseases Prevention and Control in Jiangling County

Upon the invitation by the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Jiangling County, Jinzhou in Hubei Province, Luo Chaoxi, professor from the College of Plant Science & Technology of HZAU and scientist at the national post for peach diseases prevention and control, visited Yellow Peach Planting Base in Sanhu Management Area of Jiangling county on May 21 and 22. He conducted a training on identification, prevention and control technology of peach diseases, and provided on-site teaching for peach growers.

There are more than 50,000 yellow peach seedlings in Sanhu Management Area, which plays an important role in local economy and society development. In the step of theoretical training, Prof. Luo illustrated several major peach diseases in Hubei Province, such as bacterial shot-hole disease, brown rot disease, anthracnose and gummosis disease, with the priorities given to causes for their occurrence and prevalence and keys for their identification and measures for their prevention and control. Based on recent years’ experience of dealing with diseases in major peach producing areas in Hubei Province, he analyzed the current situation and trend of peach diseases, and introduced farmers and agricultural technicians the concept of “Give priority to prevention and pay attention to garden clearance in winter”. After the theoretical training, Luo went to the Yellow Peach Planting Base to conduct on-site teaching, and went further to specify the identification points and control techniques of common diseases. Meanwhile, he also studied the occurrence of a few complicated diseases.

Due to the large planting scale of the early peach and the excessive rainfall in May, Hubei Province is always under great pressure with regard to peach diseases prevention and control. Peach bacterial shot-hole disease, in particular, causes hundreds of millions of economic losses every year, which has made a serious hindrance to the improvement of quality and efficiency in peach industry among the areas. At present, the growers’ willing to peach disease prevention and control has generally increased. In the winter of 2018, growers in the main peach-planting areas, such as Zaoyang in Xiangyang and Qujialing in Jingmen, strictly managed in accordance with “Garden Clearance in Winter” recommended by researchers, and adopted a new medicine for peach bacterial shot-hole disease, which leads to a remarkable effect. In 2019, peach planting areas which suffered such diseases in the past years, are witnessing thriving crops thanks to the successful disease control and are expecting a bumper harvest.

Aimed at servicing for the front line to solve practical production problems, this training is HZAU’s response to the call of Hubei Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese.

Translated by Wang Yining

Proofread by Xie Lujie