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Pig Face Recognition to Be Launched in 3D Smart Pig Raising

On May 18th, in Wuhan, two apps created by Guangzhou Yingzi Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Yingzi Technology)—3D Pig Farming app and 5G Intelligent Agro-Pastoral app attracted much attention. Both apps involved the research and development by experts from HZAU.

In explaining 3D Intelligent Pig Farming, Dr Jackson He, CEO of Yingzi Technology said that while the 2-dimentional/flat interface and mere online experience of internet products make it hard for customers to relate to real situation, 3D “Future Pig Farm(FPF)” can turn offline pig farm into an online 3D one which allows farmers to monitor pig production management such as pigs’ growth and estrus, environment parameter of hoggery and disease detection; it’s also helpful in optimizing the production management process and breeding management, making the management of pig farms as simple and fun as "playing games".

In the meantime, 5G-combined FPF brings brand new 3D experience and boosts the development of Intelligent Pig Farming. It’s reported that FPF has already been built in Asia’s largest 13-storey high-rise hog hotel in Guangxi province.

FPF was built with the support of experts at HZAU. Since last year, Yingzi Technology together with Guangxi Yangxiang Co., Ltd has signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with HZAU on technology innovation, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and talent cultivation. Chen Huanchuan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and expert in prevention and control of animal diseases, is the science advisor of Yingzi Technology. The scientist team in the company consists of more than 20 scholars from over 6 colleges in HZAU including College of Informatics, College of Science, College of Engineering, College of Animal Sciences & Technology and College of Food Sciences & Technology.

Both the university and the enterprise give full play to their own advantages and jointly explore new ways of Intelligent Farming. The “Animal Face Detection” technology and products such as, Yingzi Intelligent Search Engine, 3D Intelligent Pig Farming and the application of 5G in husbandry—all are the landmark results partly attributed to the research and development by HZAU professors.

Translated by Fan Qiu

Proofread by Xie Lujie