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Prof. Huang Sanwen Attends the Crop Science High-end Forum in HZAU

On the afternoon of May 24, Huang Sanwen, Researcher of Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Chief Scientist of the Economic Crop Genome Design Breeding Innovation Team, attended the Crop Science High-end Forum in HZAU. He gave a report titled “The Roadmap to Vegetable Breeding Genome”. Prof. Yan Jianbing, Dean of College of Plant Science & Technology, hosted the forum.

Proceeding from the genome sequencing and mutation group research, Prof. Huang showed the application of group big data in vegetable breeding by illustrating the studies in cucumber, tomato and potato. In the research of cucumber breeding, Prof. Huang and his colleagues revealed dual regulatory mechanism of bitterness in cucumber, and they successfully cultivated cucumber that are of high quality and resistance by screening the mutant of non-bitterness cucumber. In tomato breeding research, the multi-omics analysis of tomato was used to clarify the effect of artificial selection on the tomato fruit metabolome, and the molecular design of “delicious tomato” and a chemical genetic roadmap to improve tomato flavor were put forward. Considering the difficulties of breeding potato varieties, Prof. Huang proposed “Youshu Plan”, using genomics and synthetic biology, to initiate great innovation in the breeding and reproduction by replacing the autotetraploid with the diploid hybrid and substituting the potato block propagation with the seed.

Later, Prof. Huang exchanged ideas with teachers and students about the future of agriculture. He believed that the future of agriculture lies in supplying of food in a sustainable manner. Relating to production and consumption, he raised two questions: “What are the substances and genes that determine the nutrition and flavor of food?” and “How do genes of human and intestinal microbes determine the taste and digestion of food?”.  He pointed out some solutions that can better integrate consumption and production, thus improving agricultural production, agriculture value and famer’s social status.

The teachers and students actively participated in the academic exchanges with Prof. Huang. Prof. Yan summarized, “Prof. Huang’s research is a great plan, and brought great enlightenment to young researchers. Everyone should have such great plans for research and make unremitting efforts.”


Translated by: Wang Yiwen

Supervised by: Pan Buhan