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Delegation Led by Li Zhaohu Visits Taihe Hospital to Promote Strategic Co-construction

On the morning of June 5, President Li Zhaohu, Vice President Yao Jianglin and representatives of university administrative departments, university hospital and relevant teachers went to Shiyan Taihe Hospital to promote strategic co-construction. They were warmly received by Wang Jimin, Deputy Secretary of Shiyan municipal party committee, Luo Jie, President of Shiyan Taihe Hospital, Shen Zhujun, President of the hospital labour union, Leng Weidong, Deputy President and heads of relevant departments.
Then the two sides held symposiums hosted by Leng Weidong. In the meeting, Luo Jie introduced the basic situation of Taihe Hospital from the aspects of historical evolution, hospital scale, discipline construction, hospital culture, teaching work and management system. The two sides reviewed the progress made since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the university and the hospital in April 2018, such as joint research on a number of topics and joint training of post-doctors. They also conducted in-depth exchanges on the establishment of College of Biomedicine and Health, the post-doctoral innovation and practice base, the teaching and practice base, the brain science research institute, the university hospital and so on. Finally, the agreement of biomedical teaching practice base was signed by the principals of Undergraduate College and hospital teaching office on behalf of both sides.
Li Zhaohu said at the symposium: The tenth Party Congress of HZAU put forward the goal of constructing HZAU into a world class university with distinct characteristics. Therefore, the university should adhere to high quality and connotative development in response to the social demand transferred from full eating to healthy eating. And we should construct biomedical and health discipline on the basis of the advantages of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He believed that the two sides shared similar philosophies, common cultures and missions. Based on existing sound cooperation, the two sides could further integrate development in scientific research, talent training, personnel exchange and medical cooperation, so as to draw on each other's strengths and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.
Luo said that through early cooperation and exchanges, the two sides had laid a good foundation for mutual trust and win-win results. The hospital will give full play to its advantages, fully support the establishment of College of Biomedicine and Health and related practice bases, actively seek growth points of scientific research cooperation in the fields of regenerative medicine, nutritional oncology, embryonic stem cells etc., and build a standardized training base for general practitioners according to the needs of the school and hospital.
Under the joint witness of participants from both sides, Li Zhaohu, Yao Jianglin and Lou Jie jointly unveiled the innovative practice base and teaching practice base for postdoctoral students. Luo also appointed professor Dong Zhiqiang as director of Brain Science Institute of Shiyan Taihe Hospital on behalf of the hospital.

Translated by: Yang Xinyi
Supervised by: Zhang Juan